Thursday, 30 November 2017

How should you Deal with Payroll Taxes?

As tax professionals in San Antonio, we know that many of you out there find it difficult to manage payroll taxes in your company. We have also acknowledged the fact that many of you do not know the consequences of not handling them well. Here we are, to the rescue.

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If the calculation of payroll taxes is not done properly and they are not duly paid, IRS can get you into some serious trouble.
In case of you being a business owner, you need to withhold the due taxes from every paycheck. Further you are required to remit payroll taxes to the IRS quarterly. This means that you have to do it in March, June, September, as well as December. In addition, it totally depends on you to do the calculation and acknowledge the amounts of the social security tax, Medicare and federal income tax, and this has to be withholding from the paycheck of each and every employee of the organisation. In case of you being a the business owner of a small or local business, with just a handful of employees, the same rule applies. Hiring someone for the tax services in San Antonio is hence, a good call.

Here’s what happens if you don’t pay the payroll taxes.
When you fail to remit the payroll taxes, it could cause a good amount of problems to your business. Such problems generally start with interest on back taxes and penalties, which could add up really quickly, and make it way more difficult for you to carry out the process of sorting your payments. IRS is always pretty keen when it comes to making small businesses pay their. Time would fly and you won’t even realise that, not paying the payroll taxes has lead to a huge tax debt and maybe even the loss of your business. This would make you learn that ignorance isn’t a bliss in this case.

Well, this is where we can help. With our tax services in San Antonio, we will sort it all out for you before the IRS ever gets involved. As tax professionals in San Antonio, Uhlenbrock CPA has the ability to bring your tax calculations and payments up to date. We would not only help you once, but will also make you maintain this good habit. In this way, you will be able to focus more on how to grow your business, rather than how to save it from tax penalties.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Stay away from These Common Tax Misconceptions

As one of the most successful tax professionals in San Antonio, Uhlenbrock CPA has observed some common misconceptions that business owners hold in their minds. However, as we always want our customers to be completely aware of the right and the wrong, here we are to clear a few of them.
Misconceptions related to tax can lead you to some great trouble. Now is the time, to practice your art of paying close attention.

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1. The only tax-related legal obligation that I have is to prepare FORM W-4

One of the most common misconceptions that people have is that the US government would automatically deduct the appropriate tax amount from my salary. This makes them think that now they only have the responsibility of preparing FORM W-4. Although, it informs your employer about the tax amount to be deducted from your monthly salary, the actual amount you own by the end of the year maybe a bit more or less than the deducted amount. You are therefore required to fill the accurate income tax return by the end of the year. After this, IRS compares the amounts on your FORM W-4 with your tax return and decides if they will deduct additional tax money, or give a part back or maybe even all of the money that was initially held.

2. The simplified FORM 1040EZ to file for income tax can be used by everyone

Uhlenbrock CPA has been providing tax services in San Antonio for a long time now, and as the tax professionals in San Antonio, we have observed this to be another common misconception. The IRS has developed FORM 1040EZ particularly for residents of the US. Residents for tax purposes and permanent resident aliens are the other two categories who can use this form. However, if you aren’t a resident of the United States yet, or you belong to any of the other two categories, then you are allowed to file the 1040NR EZ form. This form is much more straightforward as compared to the traditional 1040NR form. It can also be filled faster. Seeking the help of a professional at a time like this is the best idea.
The best way to go about it is to hire an expert who can provide you with tax services in San Antonio. There would then be no space, for misconceptions.

Friday, 27 October 2017

It is Time to Say YES to Automated Bookkeeping

Accounting software and apps are growing rapidly adding more to automated bookkeeping. We have discussed numerous times that essential bookkeeping San Antonio is imperative. However, the idea of automated bookkeeping services in San Antonio is something that people are either unaware of, or are reluctant of.  That is where we come in. As a successful provider of bookkeeping services in San Antonio, we take it as our responsibility to make you understand why you should say yes to automated bookkeeping.

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In this blog, we are going to share with you, the reasons why you need to incorporate more automation and step up the pace when it comes to the workflow, despite being afraid of it.

1. Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That When it comes to automating bookkeeping San Antonio, the first obvious reason becomes saving time. However boring, people would consider bookkeeping activities, they are crucial. Hence, they do not deserve to be affected by things like weather, attitude or mood. Automation is a mechanical process and so provides a much better accuracy when it comes to basic bookkeeping tasks. It saves a huge amount of time for your business, which you can put to better use.
Let us take the example of QuickBooks Online. It has the ability to automate most of the data entry. QuickBooks Online set up bank rules and uses bank feeds in order to automatically post repetitive transactions.

2. Where is your money, honey? We all know the importance of money in our business lives. We do not even want to spend a penny where it can really be saved. Lucky for you, automated bookkeeping can save a lot more than a penny for your business. Since what we are talking about is an automated process, it definitely saves a lot of money on hiring someone to do this job. Moreover, hiring could involve misjudgement on the recruiter’s part as well. This saves you the trouble of such extra processes and gives you what you want without having to spend your dimes on it.

We know these reasons are enough to get you at least thinking about adapting automated bookkeeping. However, everything has a few downsides as well. As we said earlier, it is our responsibility to keep you aware; we will be discussing those as well. Stay tuned for more in our upcoming blogs. Call 210-701-1040 to hire an expert bookkeeper in San Antonio.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Reasons Why a Bookkeeper is Important

 Running a business is tricky! From sales to accounting, there are endless things that need to be done. Most business owners need a professional help when it comes to managing their accounts. Have you ever acknowledged the role of a bookkeeper in your business?  Well, expert bookkeeping services in San Antonio have a major association with the success of your small business.

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If you think your business does not need expert bookkeeping services in San Antonio, read the blog below. Let us tell you why you should be thankful to your bookkeepers. Have a look:

Their job is to keep your tax data current and accurate
A person who is good at bookkeeping San Antonio knows how imperative it is to always keep the client’s (yours) tax information accurate. He also makes sure that he has updated the necessary information at all points of time.

Your bookkeeper helps to automate your processes
When we talk about a certified bookkeeper, providing bookkeeping services in San Antonio there are some things that he can easily do. This includes automating and setting up QuickBooks or even converting to QuickBooks from other systems.

By lending you a shoulder, they let you focus on more important things
It is only by focusing on the important things that a business can truly grow. If you would be wasting time on bad bookkeeping by your consultant then there would be no time for you to devote elsewhere. However, once you go for hiring efficient bookkeeping services in San Antonio then you have all the time in the world to give to your business’ core areas.

Bookkeepers maintain your accounts very well
This goes without saying, that an efficient bookkeeper would always maintain your accounts payable and receivable very well. Hence, it is crucial to have a bookkeeper who knows his job well and carries it out ethically.

They know how to coordinate with your CPA
When it comes to your finances, you always want them to be handled by someone you trust. Therefore, having a bookkeeper who has the ability to have a smooth flow of communication with your CPA is really something to be grateful for.

Apart from the few listed reasons, there are many more small yet important activities that a bookkeeper handles for you. All these small efforts when combined result in success of your business in one way or another. Hire Uhlenbrock CPA for reliable bookkeeping services in San Antonio. 

However, in order to be able to enjoy any of these benefits, be careful to hire an efficient bookkeeper. 

Monday, 18 September 2017

Why Should Bookkepers Turn into Bloggers?

Do you practice bookkeeping in San Antonio? If yes, do you blog as a bookkeeper? Well, you we advise you that you should. Wondering, why? A blog can enhance reputation of your firm, attract clients & build website traffic. You can use the blog as a platform to share your accounting knowledge and interact with people from your industry.
First things first, you should know who your reader is going to be. The blog would be a great way to reach your clients and prospects. This way, you get a platform to communicate with them easily and creatively. It would prove really good for business and make you an established provider of bookkeeping services in San Antonio.

Bookkeeping Services San Antonio | Bookkeeping San Antonio

Let us have a look at how to set your blog up and make the most of it!

About Blogging

Blogging is a beautiful package of marketing, branding, and communication. History proves that blogging is one of the most efficient and effective ways of communication between the clients and the provider. It leads to increasing your brand’s awareness and easily makes you reach to a wider audience. This means an effortless search for new target markets.

It is recommended to blend it with the use of social media platforms. However, what would this do for your business? Well, apart from increasing your firm’s reputation it would also boost the amount of traffic on your website. The best part of blogging is that it requires just a little bit of investment of time and surprises you with big returns on investment. Still not convinced? Don’t worry we have more.

Benefits of Blogging

The uniqueness of blogging is what makes it so special. It is different from other forms like social media platforms or emails etc. Here’s more it would do for you-

  • Stay in touch with present clients
  • Present your expertise and knowledge creatively
  • Increase the search engine rankings of your website.
  • Build a solid online presence
  • Helps you reach prospects who do not respond to marketing methods and conventional sales

When you get to know about so many benefits that you can receive from a certain thing, you go back to wonder how much it would cost you. However, as discussed above, it does not take a penny of your money but a bit of your time. 
As the best provider of bookkeeping services in San Antonio, Uhlenbrock CPA understands the value of blogging and the benefits it carries for the business. Get in touch at 210-701-1040 today.
To highlight your services of bookkeeping San Antonio, start blogging right away!

Monday, 28 August 2017

Tracking Self-employed Expenses - Part 2

As we discussed in the previous blog, if you are self- employed then you need to track your self-employed expenses. Of course, you could take the assistance of tax preparation services in San Antonio but before any of that, you need to know how to track your business expenses when you are working for yourself and not an employer.
It is only after this tracking process that you would be able to move on to the next step of corporate tax preparation in San Antonio.
tax preparation services in San Antonio | Tax Professionals in San Antonio

Hence, here are the continued tips on how to track your business costs also called self- employed expenses-

Organize it all

In today’s digital world, it would not be a surprise if you get a few of your receipts via e-mail. Now that you are aware of this, you should create one folder in your email that would only be used to store the expenses of the business.
It is a very smart move to store photos of the paper receipts that you receive apart from the e-mail ones. Of course, you should keep these paper receipts in a physical folder as well. However, when you compare the chances of you losing a paper receipt, they are definitely more than you losing a digital copy of the same.
One of the best things you could do for yourself as someone who is self-employment is to record everything. This means taking into consideration each business expense that you make and file the receipts according to that.
All you have to do is make sure not to procrastinate when it comes to such activities.
As a provider of tax services in San Antonio, we know how important it is important to keep your receipts and tax returns for at least a period of three years. This is helpful if you are audited.

Filing quarterly-estimated taxes

Finally, we come to the last step of it. Filing your quarterly estimated taxes is the only way to keep your business costs in an amazing shape. Any kind of failure in filing would result in penalties to the IRS. This is something you would want to avoid in every case.

Paying your taxes throughout the year is the best way to go about it. For more tips like these and the best corporate tax preparation San Antonio, contact Uhlenbrock CPA today!

Friday, 11 August 2017

Tracking Self-employed Expenses

When you are your own boss, there are a number of advantages that come along. It includes being able to set your vacation schedule and even your own hours. With this comes along a high level of flexibility. You can easily work remotely and roam around as you wish to. Sometimes, you might not even have to change out of your pajamas all day!

On the other hand, there are many advantages when working for an employer as well. Walking away from the convenience of a traditional job also takes away; the benefits package including great Tax Services in San Antonio and the steady paycheck. 
However, apart from everything else being your own boss means you will have to pay quarterly estimated taxes. It also means that you will have to track your business costs.

Tax Services in San Antonio | Tax Professionals in San Antonio

As Tax Professionals in San Antonio Uhlenbrock CPA has some great tips on how to diligently track your self-employed expenses. 

Have a look:

1. Knowing what comes under self-employed expenses

Tax Professionals in San Antonio would tell you that before anything else, it is crucial to understand what comes under a business cost also called the self-employed expenses. The definition by IRS says that those expenses must be “necessary” and “ordinary” to your business.

For instance, on attending a work conference, the expenses of the tickets would come under business expenses. However, getting a spa to relax before the conference would not. On the other hand, the price of purchasing a URL and domain hosting costs for your site’s business would count as a business expense. Deducting the cost of a personal website having nothing to do with the business is something you cannot do.

2. Spreadsheets to the rescue

In your spreadsheets, you could create columns like the item, cost, date, and receipt. You could also make notes about the location of the receipt, like in an email folder, as it was an online transaction.

This process streamlines the process for filing quarterly estimated taxes and helps you track self-employed expenses.
A spreadsheet comes in handy if you are on your own as it is easy and free. However, you may need a little more assistance if you are thinking to grow your business.

Check out some more tips on the subject, in the next blog. Uhlenbrock CPA not only provides the best advice but also the best Tax Services in San Antonio